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Nexus is a complete integration platform as a solution (iPaaS) for automating construction processes across applications.

Nexus Overview: Components

Nexus Overview

Developer Tools

If you can imagine it, you can create it! Design powerful integrations with custom hooks. Construct and distribute new stacks, generate direct-API-call tokens, and build new wrappers.

Straightforward Dashboard

Monitor and troubleshoot integrations with the operations dashboard. Quickly review flows, rerun flows, or view error details.

Orchestrate Integration

Create multiple imports / exports as part of a single migration flow. Supports complex processes requiring data coming from and going to multiple sources.

Nexus Architecture

Nexus architecture

Nexus Integration Flow

Start integrating today!

Migrate construction project data, connect data, and increase overall data efficiency!

Nexus Integration Flow

Nexus at Scale

Nexus Technology Stack


Nexus developers and our community are single-stack developers. Nexus containerization gives developers the ability to create predictable environments that are isolated from other applications. From the developers’ perspective, consistency is guaranteed regardless of where the application is ultimately deployed.


All Nexus components are dockerized microservices allowing the platform to be fault-tolerant. Separation and division of labor allows our critical services to continue running even if others are failing so that Nexus – and your integrations – are reliable.

Performance at Scale

Nexus is completely containerized, allowing our partner dev teams to move quickly, deploy software efficiently, and operate on a vast scale. New Nexus containers take two days to develop and deploy with about 60 lines of code.

Choose Your Plan


  • 1 flow
  • Primavera connector support
  • Data loader
  • 3 data load migrations
  • 1 instance per account


  • 3 flows
  • Integrate on-prem with cloud
  • 10 data load migrations
  • Dedicated client success manager


  • Unlimited flows
  • Unlimited data load migrations
  • Dedicated client success manager

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