Integration platform built for engineering and construction

Efficiently manage your project data across applications with Nexus.

Nexus is the only integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) solution built for construction and infrastructure

Owners, general contractors, and subcontractors rely on a variety of tools to manage data and processes through planning, design, construction, and field operations. Many of these tools live in isolation leading to data duplication in each tool, inefficiency, and an increased risk of errors.

With Nexus, your organization manages end-to-end construction processes by integrating best-of-breed applications in ONE easy-to-use platform.

Nexus integrates all on-prem and cloud solutions

Eliminate the headaches of building and maintaining point-to-point, custom-built IT integrations to replicate design, operations, field, and finance data. Nexus keeps your organization focused on projects.

Quickly create a connected project office with Nexus

Your organization can connect all of your data and applications – without the need for an entire IT team – fast!

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reduction in integration time
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saved in operations cost per year
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increase in back-office ops efficiency

Construct, maintain, and assign integrations at scale

Nexus has all the tools your organization needs to manage all of your tools. Easily transform data, build a simple FTP integration, or create a complex integration between several solutions to efficiently run all of your construction projects.

Sample Nexus workflow, Excel, P6, Owner

Nexus Channel, Tech, and Development Partners

Become a Nexus Partner

With our partner program, we’ll train you to build integrations for your own customers, or to create better integrations for your existing applications.

If you’d like to become a reseller, you can join our channel program. Whether your’e a technical professional, solution provider, or a consultant, Nexus has a program for you!

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